Original Fix_2After scanning my picture into Photoshop and adjusting the picture to the desired effect I began my layering. I used the lasso tool to cut out the feathers in my asset and laid them upon the drawing. Each layer I laid down I used the opacity giving the ability to blend better. To which, after I was done layering the feathers I used the spot healing brush to mask the  lines in the layering.

My next step were the wings in creating the effect as if they were coming off the page, coming alive. By doing so I utilized the same technique I previously used.

My first step was to isolate the wings and change the contrast and levels to define the lines more and the color of the wings to the color of the paper and drawing. Followed by laying the feathers on the drawing and changing the opacity of the feather to be slightly darker then the wings in order for me to blend. I proceeded to do this for three layers and blended into the wings to make it seem as though the feathers were morphing into reality just as the bottom of the dress.

Capture hyper 1

Capture hyper2

The last thing I did was lay the actual cut out of the asset I was using to layer on top and blend as much as possible. As shown below the picture is looking very much real.

Capture hyper 3