1456261456965-546841139Capture 1First step was to adjust the image to accurately gain the light and darks of the picture in order to choose the right color for the shadows. Followed by changing the opacity of the picture to see where I shape my geometric shapes.Capture 2

Second step was to begin putting my shapes onto the picture itself. I first used the pen tool with  black line with a null fill in order to see where my line is going and the area I want the shape to cover. Then I fill the shape with the color set I choose previous.

Capture 3

After I began on the main face as my foundation I started on the glasses which presented a problem as there is no polygonal lasso tool, as in Photoshop, to cut out the glass for the glasses. So to overcome the obstacle I choose to use the eraser tool and my mouse erase the area as nice as possible to then go back with the pen tool for a shape. Including for the eye part I put that as an entirely separate layer then group them to visually place my shapes and choice color for the shapes.