Case Study

Throughout this entire semester I have learned a lot working with Photoshop and Illustrator and its applications. Including the meaning behind Collages and its many faces in the art world, alongside graphic design. Now that the semester is over I am very proud of the work I have done over the weeks and to share the process I had making my two favorite final products.

My first favorite project I made this semester was Cubism because of the multiple assets put into one picture. Cubism is a style of painting or sculpture that developed in the early 20th century. It is mainly a form of structure based on geometric shapes or natural forms to express a point of view. First step we had to take were exercising our thoughts to come up with concepts for Cubism. We had to gather pictures and pile them into solid 3-5 concepts that represent cubism. Next step was to choose the concept we like most then make sketches of a more solidified idea. Once I choose which sketch I would like to go with it was time to gather our assets to create the Cubist piece. I started in Illustrator because I found that Photoshop was harder to create geometric shapes. Beginning the process was to create different layers for different sections of the picture. The Face, Shirt, and Hair were the layers I had created to enable myself to work solely on that area and not interfere with the other sections. Shown Below:

After sectioning the picture, I began forming the shapes and filling them in with the group of colors I had selected to work with. I also filtered the color shapes do give effects, such as grain and pointalizing. In the mist of the process I faced two problems, perspective of the nose and shapes. I first began the geometric shapes too big then downsized, the other problem was the size of the nose and color change. Once I had the full picture done I realized that having everything in the background for added texture, except the face, created a nice picture. The opacity in some shapes gave a lift in power to the face and the texture around made it suttle. In the end my product I am very pleased with because I was able to really capture what my sister was with the shapes and colors.Below Shown:Sis_2.ai_5_Final

My second favorite project was Collage which is the gathering of images to express a feeling, or point. This was particularly my favorite because we had to create this Collage in video form. Before coming to the concept I had I watched a video on how collage came to what we know it as today. The video was on Kurt Schwitters whom brought cubism and Collage together. Who also broke barriers in the art field to broaden the definition of collage and the many forms it can take. It brought to mind concepts I could take for the Collage project. The concepts I came up with consisted of today’s problems and its effects on the world; Social, political, and Etc. After narrowing my Concepts to the one idea of Global Warming I had to Sketch out in frames what it is that I wanted to happen during the 30 Second window frame I had. As shown below:

Once the sketches were done frame by frame it was time to bring the assets, I had created in Illustrator, into Photoshop.  Once exported into Photoshop the Timeline was the first issue I had encountered. Placing the layers in order of coming up when I want them and timing of when the layers should show. Shown Below:Final_7

Once I had all layers in place I struggled to figure out exactly what I wanted the layers to do when it would arrive on the screen. In order to combat this dilemma, I choose to fade in nearly every layer that came in, except the sun. The Sun would move to position itself to the middle of the earth then Scale big to another scene with just the text. The other layer I had that would move are the cities, they would fade in then rotate around the earth. As shown Below:Final_9

The last step was to bring the music into the video which presented the last issue as the time period I wanted ended odd. To resolve this issue, I brought the song in twice then cut the ending I wanted and timed it to overlay and attempted it to blend.Final

Lastly, this entire semester has been a huge learning experience. I am very proud of the work I have done over this course with my two favorite final products. With my knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop I hope to carry it on to my future endeavors.