Game of Thrones Recap

So after last nights Game of Thrones I have completely lost my mind. JON SNOW IS BACK!!!!!!

Now it some of you may have doubted this come back………

You shouldn’t have, in a world where dragon and demons exist all is up for grabs. Hell, you even have snow guardian Zombies who are bring winter back like the Baby back song. Jon Snow is a vital character right now in bringing peace along with Danearys within this realm.

However, I will say the producer and creators of this season have out done themselves in tricking the masses into believeing Snow had truly died. Except for the leaked photo that showed Snow and Milisandra.(Some believed it was a flashback) But to dismiss that whole theory anytime the Red Witch was around Snow it was SNOWING!!!

Anyways, this last episode does set for some interesting role playing on our big character that have fallen quite a ways down from glory. I cant wait for the rest of season to unravel and see what is to become of Jon Snow and his place with in the Seven realms.


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