Love and Hip Hop

I just began watching the infamous Love & Hip-Hop series and have reached to season 5. It is quite something to watch how the hip hop business runs and the over all media industry. The lies and deception, the love and hate, the give and take.

Prime example, Erica Mena whom has made her mark on the world as crazy. The girl who is uncontrollable and is run by her emotions, the girl who loves to check on everyone else but herself. I can feel for Erica on her inner demon struggles but that none the less does not excuse her attitude for those who have try to help her.

Rich Dollaz is the head honcho who I feel has done all for her. Road for her despite what others thought and did things that no other manager would have dealt with. In the end Erica flat out deceived him and tried to pull so much that Rich had to make to choice to say enough. Following season Erica finds someone else and Rich is by himself and she is flippy floppy in her excess feeling for Rich that she messes things up again and screws things up with the girl she is with. Rich finally wanted to make things work after Erica gave mixed signals and at the finally….. she is alone.

Erica Mena has issues and she is a girl who emotions needs to check herself and let herself open and not be afraid. She doesn’t realize truly all she has that she is blinded by her past that she cannot see her future.


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