The Influences of a Kardashian…

Though many say the Kardashians mean nothing it is more than likely a Kardashian member has influenced some sort of fashion in their life. Whether it be yourself, family, or friends their is the ever waiting latest fashion trend someone in your life has been inspired. From head to toe the Kardashian have been the leaders of todays trends.

It’s quite shocking just how much the Kardashian though put on the map by lesser oppurtunities have manage to climb the social ladder to high reigning fashion family that rules supremely. They have began the waist trainer and fit family trend that is currently sweeping the nation. Espicially has given an extreme boost to healthy detox teas that go hand in hand with the fit life. As well as truly given a new look on what is sexy, curves. Among all the Kardashian clan has truly gone above and beyond in the beauty department of make-up. Contouring, lips, eyes, and eyebrows have become the number one trend for makeup gurus and stylists alike.

However, at the end of the day it is a matter of opinion but one opinion to truly think about. Kardashian have become a major influence in our daily lives that makes a difference in how we see ourselves, a potential of good.


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