These Nails ❤️

Source: These Nails ❤️

Nails have always been a thing but now more than ever just as braids and buns have made a big splash with in the fashion these past two years. It has grown to a massive level, nails, that has made it into a art. However one major thing that has changed from then to now is the style of the polish mainly. Matte!!!

Matte finish is all the craze since the first sighting of Kylie Jenner with her claws capturing the heart of millions. Such a beautiful thing matte finish, a statement when choosing the right color. Right now though the crazed color that is a necessity to nearly every girl out there is a burgundy maroon matte finish, or a plum black color. A color that no matter what is perfect to accent in any season.

This style is one I recommend for anyone to try in many forms of nail shape as you would be surprised is a rather flattering color on anyone. At least those I have come across it has been a lovely color that is edgy but soft, and sophisticated.



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