Inspiration and Where

Bill Cunningham is a male photographer who is a influential force within the fashion community. A photographer to the people, Bill looks for what is presently. Constantly riding and walking the streets Mr. Cunningham has showed thousand, or millions, of pictures in The Times making the fashion section a wonderment to see every time.

After watching the documentary on such a wonderful soul I found myself connecting with the views of fashion. Fashion reality, is what we see someone where on the street; What they perceive to be their fashion. Not what is walking down the runway or a celebrity is wearing on the red carpet, it is in the everyday people we see walking the street of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, and China.

To be more specific it is those who the majority see as weird, eccentric, or cookie. However it is those who inspire us unconsciously I believe. It is what drives all of us to create more and do more in the world so that we fit all of us. That I believe is where inspiration truly comes from, from within and what we see.


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