Infamous Highlit!!!

For those who are into make up getting the perfect highlighter is the craze that is taking the world by storm. Why? I will probably never know. However it is a makeup craze that is sweeping the makeup artist into swirl.

Highlighting is one thing that I believe will completely take over the artistry of a full make up face as the dewey look is in. but in the end my opinion is that it looks as though you have oiled your face. It is not an attractive look on all as I’m sure most have noticed. But none the less many still try, my advice to all in the end….

Do Not Highlight your face to the point of a reflector. You, the person reading this, are beautiful the way you are and if you wish to do your makeup in the most extravagent way so be it… but do not highlight the crap out of your face.


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