The lovely and timeless braid has been a long time friend since the 60’s and the hippie era that have made its way back into our hearts. Now more than ever, jst as buns and athletic shoes, braids have become a fashion accessories of the now. And no thanks to famous celebrities of Kim Kardashian-West, … More Braids

Need These!! ❤️

As Summer comes upon us one things is definite, working out. Among the many things that have come about in Fashion the major scene is work out clothes for everyday, especially these bad boys. Though Nike has many shoes that have captured the souls of fashionista and sports men alike, their Roshe’s and fit shoes … More Need These!! ❤️

Infamous Highlit!!!

For those who are into make up getting the perfect highlighter is the craze that is taking the world by storm. Why? I will probably never know. However it is a makeup craze that is sweeping the makeup artist into swirl. Highlighting is one thing that I believe will completely take over the artistry of … More Infamous Highlit!!!

Inspiration and Where

Bill Cunningham is a male photographer who is a influential force within the fashion community. A photographer to the people, Bill looks for what is presently. Constantly riding and walking the streets Mr. Cunningham has showed thousand, or millions, of pictures in The Times making the fashion section a wonderment to see every time. After … More Inspiration and Where