Eyebrows are Something

When you see this picture, as it is, what is it that you see? Really good makeup? An unnecessary societal pressure we put on girls for the perfect face or beauty?

I see a blank canvas to which we create a beautiful image to ourselves, and maybe others. Makeup has generally been part of little girls fantasies and play. Now as women it has grown to more than just play…. It has become art. That is what I see.


This picture, I choose to show the beauty of what I see as perfect eyebrows. The crowning achievement to the perfect face masterpiece that I think women would agree with. (Those who love makeup) Eyebrows are the window shades to the eyes of the soul. When just right they can blend, giving all the right cues to the emotions that a person can show. Creating eyebrows can be a beautiful work of art when done right.
I, Myself, who has no eyebrows find great pleasure in doing my eyebrows. Filling them in designing the perfect set with length, width, and shading. In the end it is quite liberating when I see a set of eyebrows that frames my face.
To end this post I would love for you, reader, to take a second look at the thought of makeup. Look at vidoes of those who tell their story of why they wear makeup. I also hope after reading this I have left an impression on you to looking at someone else different. In a way that opens your minds to the fact that not all are perfect, but that there are things we do that make us feel complete in a good way. One that is not harmful, one that if we wish we can wash away and be free to let all see two sides of us thats… Us

Makeup For Green Eyes – http://wp.me/p5bTPJ-lj


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